Contemporary, ambitious education in an entertaining and pleasant atmosphere, that's what it's all about at the Rembrandt community school.
We want your child to perform to the best of its ability and to go to school with a spring in its step. Our society needs people who are creative and innovative. Knowlegde remains important, but skills are becoming increasingly important also.
We encourage your child to develop into a responsible, independent and creative individual. Someone who can make a personal contribution to society. 

Rembrandt community school is a Prostestant school. The norms and values from this tradition are very important to us and include respect, enjoyment and positivity. Rembrandt is a community school for children form the Elsrijk and Stadshart districts in Amstelveen. 

At the Rembrandt community school, we teach the basic subjects in the morning, i.e. language, reading and arithmetic.
These classes are led by the regular class teacher. In the afternoons, we provide thematic education. This is when your child, either independently or in groups, works on a project and follows a step-by-step plan. The themes vary. Geography, history, nature and the use of ICT are all covered. 

The language of instruction is Dutch. We believe that parents and school form a single team around the child. Proper cooperation between the school and parents increases the development opportunities of children. That is why we feel it's important that the parents speak Dutch. This allows us to communicatie effectively with teachers, parents and classmates. 

If you are a newcomer in Amstelveen and you do want to register your child/children at one of the primary schools, please contact the Central Information Office for newcomers first. This organisation helps you register your child at a primary school in Amstelveen.
You can find more information at Central Information Office for newcomers.

In Amstelveen, children go to school in their own residential district, where possible. The municipality of Amstelveen thinks this is important and has drawn up rules for the admissions policy in conjunction with the school boards. As a result, the Rembrandt community school can only be attended by children from the Elsrijk and Stadshart districts. Please consult KaartViewer - Scholen to find out if you live in one of this catchment areas. If you live in another district, you can register your child in the eventuality of places still being available at the end of the registration period. 

If your child is born before 1st of May 2020 and you live in the Elsrijk or Stadshart district you can book an introductory visit. Please fill in this form with all your details, we will contact you to schedule an introduction meeting. The introduction is only for parents. Children will have there own introduction in the week before they will start school.

Unfortunately, we don't have any places left for children born in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019.